Friday, 1 July 2016

Collection Highlighting Blusher

Now before I begin raving about this blusher, I must point out that this has been rebranded - however, it still has the same look but with an extra shade. I love collection as a brand, their products are very affordable and work really well - the lasting perfection concealer is a must have. I have been using this product daily over the past two months after finding it stored away in my makeup collection. I'm not one for a matte blush so the convenience of having a highlighter and blush in one product sits very well with me! 

I find it hard to match a blusher up with my pale skin but this product has managed to hit the nail on the head, it's perfect. I like that you can swipe the whole range of shades or simply choose to exclude the ones you don't want, depending on your look. I have also used this product as an eyeshadow which works surprisingly well. There are 4 shades (5 in the latest release) so you have a smokey eye right there, it's very shimmery and looks amazing in summer! I love the highlight that this product gives, it's very natural and makes your skin look so healthy and glowing!

I love rediscovering products, it reminds me of when my partner and I first went on holiday, I remember repurchasing at least twice! I also have the bronze version for when I have a bit more of a tan, both the blush and bronze shades are lovely to use during the summer. I will definitely have to try the newest collection blusher, I hope it looks and performs just as well! 

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  1. I love how inexpensive this is!! The shimmer it gives off is perfect for the summer
    Charlotte //


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