Monday, 4 July 2016

Favourite Facial Oils

I discovered facial oils earlier this year after avoiding them due to fear of the unknown. In my mind, putting oil on my skin was only going to end in blemishes and oily skin. I was pleasantly surprised that using these facial oils significantly increased the condition of my skin. There are two oils that I find myself reaching for every day, both tackling different skin problems.

I have reviewed and declared my love for trilogy in the past, they are an amazing brand. I love the design and vibe of the company, they are invested in natural skincare and that is so rare in mainstream brands. I love the simplicity of the packaging and the elegance it has, they don't need anything fancy because their product really is a brilliant performer. I love the Trilogy Rosehip Oil for it's ability to reduce scarring, it really does calm my skin and leave it looking much more even.

A recent facial oil I have discovered is by The Hero Project. Glow Drops is a facial oil that I love due to it's ability to give me such a dewy complexion. I love glowing skin (as do most) and this product makes that goal so much more achievable! I apply this product just before I apply my makeup or sometimes mix it in with foundation - it works a treat. I also love this product for the hydration it gives me, my skin always feels so moisturised once I've used it.

I use facial oils in a number of steps during my skincare routine. I usually always apply one in the morning after I've cleansed and during the evening after I've cleansed - I find this works best. After applying I then finish with a moisturiser to make sure my skin stays hydrated. On the odd occasion I will mix an oil into my foundation which helps create a glowing and flawless finish - the product glides on and is perfect for summertime.

I am definitely glad to have tried facial oils, they have impacted my skin in such a positive way. If you're feeling anxious about whether your skin would work well with facial oils, don't be afraid to message a brand to find out what would work best with your skin. There are so many to choose from, but these have to be my favourite yet - I love the natural aspect of them. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I'd love to know what you're loving!

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  1. Oils are so hydrating on my skin even though I have combination skin. My face is always plumper after using them! I use the NSPA one but I really want to try these now!
    Charlotte //


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