Saturday, 9 July 2016

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask

Nip + Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask sold at Boots and Superdrug

Now I will be the first to put my hands up and say I should probably eat more greens, however, I feel I should at least get some credit for using a kale face mask. (I am aware of how embarrassing that opening line was but I still enjoy the slight awful humour of it). In all seriousness, this face mask sounded too good to ignore, I needed a skin saviour asap. I was away from home for a few nights and realised I had not brought along my face mask, my skin was beginning to feel dry and needed a little TLC. I dashed into super drug and scoured the shelves until my eye was caught by the NIP + FAB Kale Fix Clay Mask, I love their brand and I find their products work well with my skin. 

I really, really enjoyed this mask. The consistency is very silky and smooth, not like most clay masks which are quite thick in consistency. I applied a thin layer of the product after cleansing and left it on for 30 minutes, this is longer than suggested but I love face masks so i'm going to drag it out as long as possible. The mask instantly calmed my skin and felt very soothing whilst applied, I like how it didn't leave my skin feeling tight like most clay masks. To wash the mask off you simply massage your face with luke warm water which turns the mask into a silky cleanser like consistency. The following day my skin felt moisturised and restored, any blemishes I had also felt less irritated. I love products that restore hydration and the NIP + FAB Kale Fix Mask definitely does this, I feel like it also gave my skin a nice glow which is always a plus. I can definitely see myself reaching for this mask on days where my skin needs an extra bit of love, and for the price it's definitely a winner. 

Let me know if you have tried this mask, I love the benefits of the clay without the stiff and tight feeling during application, it's refreshing and a lovely product to use during a pamper day.

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  1. I've heard a lot of good things about this brand and according to your thoughts this mask is another great item which they have to offer! It's so inexpensive too!
    Charlotte //


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