Monday, 11 July 2016

Volume Colourist Mascara

RIMMEL LONDON VOLUME COLOURIST MASCARA | £7.99 | available at boots and superdrug

RIMMEL LONDON VOLUME COLOURIST MASCARA | £7.99 | available at boots and superdrug

This mascara really sung to me, I really liked the idea of a mascara that tints your lashes over time. I have very light lashes but very dark brows and so I couldn't pick this product up fast enough. Rimmel claim that after 2 weeks of regular use, your lashes should be darker root to tip and progressively blacken the more you use it. There is also a promise of longer and fuller lashes which is what I look for in a mascara.

The product design is nice, I love the colour scheme - the black and bronze/rosey gold is really pretty. It fits nicely in your hand and is very light so it's easy to manoeuvre when applying. The wand is quite chunky for me, I'm used to using a flat plastic applicator whereas this product has a round brush. The hand held part of the mascara is swirled into a more square shape so don't worry about the product rolling off the table - a small but irritating occurrence when using rounded products

I have mixed feelings about the performance of this mascara, I'll start with the positive. I really do feel like it darkens lashes, mine look more defined and this means I can look less mole-like without mascara! I like the concept of a gradual lash tint and hope that more mascaras take this on in their products, it's a fab idea. The product achieves a very black finish and applies very smoothly, however it is very wet and so over dipping the wand results in heavy, undefined lashes. Unfortunately, I feel the consistency just doesn't work with my lashes and I feel that there was no change in the volume or length of my lashes. I have very short lashes and most mascaras do elongate them, but I didn't experience this when using the mascara. During the day the mascara tended to smudge under my eyes and I would return home with a slight panda feel to my makeup look, not ideal. 

I really wanted to like this mascara but I don't feel like I can wear it due to the smudging, it just makes me look awful. I feel there are better performers out there which achieve more for the same price. Let me know if your thoughts, it just didn't cut it for me. 

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  1. I have also recently tried out this mascara and it just didn't cut it for me either! x



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