Saturday, 3 September 2016




I often get swirled up into the beauty blogger world, moving from product to product like there's no tomorrow. I love trying new things and experimenting with different routines, however, my skin just can't hack it at the moment. I have always treated my skin well, always taken makeup off and made sure to cleanse and moisturise morning and night. My acne has hit rock bottom again and so I have decided to take a step back from all expensive skincare and tens of products. 

I used to use simple skincare in high school, I think it was generally the go-to brand for teens and probably still is. I grew up and so grew out of it, I discovered expensive brands and luxury products and so Simple seemed to fade into the background. I recently thought about taking my skincare back to basics and so simple seemed a good bet for me, easy and gentle for my angry skin. My partner uses simple and he has amazing skin, it's godl-like, tanned and glows like he's applied the worlds best highlighter. Yes, I am extremely jealous. I decided to pick up makeup wipes to take off my mascara and most of my makeup on top of the skin, a cream cleanser to cleanse after the wet wipes have removed my makeup and also a face wash for night time. 

I have been using these three products together for about a month and a half now and it has been so gentle on my irritated skin. I really enjoy the calming results of the products and they remove makeup so quickly, it's a 5 minute job and allows me to jump straight onto the sofa after work, fresh faced for my date with Netflix. The wet wipes work really well as an initial makeup removal, I feel that it is important to cleanse twice at night time because you need to both remove makeup and cleanse your skin to make sure you don't miss anything and clog your pores up. I really like the cleansing cream as it applies nicely and is quite hydrating too, I apply it with cotton pads and it feels super dreamy and relaxing after a long day. On the other hand it is also lovely to use in the morning and allows me to feel very fresh, stoping my anxiety of bacteria on the skin or dirt. The facial wash is perfect for days when you've had heavier makeup on or just want a deeper cleanse, it again leaves your skin feeling and looking even and super clean. 

All products are affordable and so repurchasing doesn't break the bank. I like the thought that highstreet skin care can still perform as well as high end and so I feel my views on skincare have been altered since trailing these products. I feel like I was in a mind-frame where expensive was better, I was actually becoming somewhat of a skincare snob, oh dear! I am glad to have been rekindled with these three products and hope to carry on using them for the near future, they really are brilliant for removing makeup! 


  1. I love Simple products! I always use their face wipes and toner x

  2. I used to use Simple skincare back in the day and I have no idea why I stopped! The products are so good and so affordable. x



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