Sunday, 2 April 2017


I haven't posted on Sophie Lauren in over 4 months, ahh!! The last few months have been an absolute whirlwind and I haven't felt like I've had the time to put into my blog.

I graduated university last July which meant that all I could think about in the following months was finding a graduate job and starting my career. I have always been very creative and a job that allowed me to express this was a priority. I love graphic design, social media and marketing and so I worked  on a freelance basis for a few months in order to gain some experience and build up my CV. I also worked with a few local businesses to help them with their social media which was a nice way to experience different fields and work with a range of people. 

In December I was contacted to interview for the position of Marketing Junior at an amazing business , which ended up with me jumping about the kitchen with excitement. My interview came the following week and I was offered the position a few days later which followed with more jumping about the kitchen (and a celebratory wine or two). I started my new job in January and have loved every minute of it, I work with some very inspirational people and have learnt so much during my time there so far. 

I must admit it has taken me some time to adjust to a 9-5 job, especially as I travel in which means it's a get up at 6 kind of deal. I have found that waking up early in a routine has definitely had positive effects on my anxiety and allowed me to achieve more on a daily basis, I also appreciate my weekends far more and feel motivated to do lot's of activities in my free time. 

I have been focused on adjusting to my new role for the past few months and have finally started feeling like things are becoming more natural to me which has allowed me to start thinking about my blog again. I finally took a few blog photos on the weekend which means I can start posting about all the products I have been buying and hauling over my absence. It feels good to be back and writing again!

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